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Book Of Audio : Chapter 12, Verse 1

And thus he set the stylus on the spinning vinyl, and the music of the angels poured hence forth from the speakers, revealing hidden textures, sounds and revealing new meaning in well-listened passages.

 From the Audio Apostle "vinyldavid" of AudioKarma


And thus spaketh the speakers: "Let there be music! Let the trebles tremble, and the midrange rangeth widely, and the bass boometh forth once again upon the digitally-parched land."

And the good vibrations welled forth and were heard once again, and the good sounds returned unto the digitally-parched ear-th, and yeah, the good sounds did rattle the very walls of the Temples of the Main Systems.

And the deprived multitudes, no longer dried out as potsherds, rejoiced and began dancing in the streets, even as bananas that had never been smoked.

And in their great rapture they began to prostrate themselves before the Altars of the Analog.

And it was good.

From the Audio Apostle "Arkay" of AudioKarma


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